Root Canals

Battle Creek, MI Endodontic Treatments

dentist-explaining-that-if-dental-nerve-tissue-becomes-damaged-or-infected-the-tooth-will-need-a-root-canal-in-order-to-prolong-its-lifeEndodontics is an aspect of dentistry that includes the management and care involving the nerve of the tooth. If nerve tissue becomes damaged or infected, the tooth will need a root canal in order to prolong its life.

The Root Canal Process

A root canal involves removing the nerve from inside of the canal chamber. The chamber is thoroughly cleaned and medicated before being sealed off to prevent reinfection. Although the procedure can take a bit longer than everyday treatments like fillings, root canals are no more uncomfortable than typical dental care.

Teeth often need root canal therapy when they have:

  • Suffered previous trauma
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Evidence of a dying nerve (tooth discoloration)
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Fractured roots

Battle Creek Family Dentistry is committed to ensuring your comfort throughout the entire root canal process. The entire tooth and the area around it will be completely numbed. Nitrous oxide can also help you relax through the slightly longer procedure.

Almost all teeth treated with a root canal will also need to have a crown placed over the tooth. We help you select a shade of porcelain that closely resembles your natural shade of enamel, ensuring the best results possible.