Dental Fillings

Metal Free Tooth Filling Available in Battle Creek

a dentist that recommends treating tooth decay as soon as it starts because it allows him to keep your tooth filling much smaller and also reduces your dental treatment bill

Battle Creek Family Dentistry is committed to providing the best care to our patients in an affordable manner. That’s why we provide minimally invasive, naturally colored tooth filling.

Composite fillings:

  • Require less invasive treatments than silver fillings
  • Match the rest of the tooth, allowing them to look more natural
  • Contain high-quality materials that make teeth stronger
  • Are free of mercury
  • Can be used on any tooth in the mouth

Does My Tooth Need a Filling?

Image of how a a natural color tooth filling looks compared to teeth next to them. We recommend treating tooth decay as soon as it starts. This allows us to keep your fillings much smaller and also reduce the amount you spend on dental treatment over time.

Common signs of tooth decay include food packing between the teeth, rough tooth edges, sensitivity to sweet, hot, cold or pressure. Our laser decay detection can help us pinpoint cavities before they are visible on x-rays or during an exam.

If you or your family needs dental care, we would love to help. We work with many insurance providers and also have flexible financing options to help make your care as affordable as possible. Call us today!

A dental crown can save your teeth, making them stronger and more attractive. What a way to fix your smile!