Dental Bridges

Custom Dental Bridge Services in Battle Creek

a fixed dental bridge is a restoration that spans the width of 3 4 or 5 teethA fixed dental bridge is a restoration that spans the width of 3, 4 or 5 teeth. They are used to replace teeth when there are still healthy teeth on either side of the ones that are missing. Each end of the bridge is bonded over the supporting tooth, with false crowns suspended between the two.

Your Bridge Experience

At Battle Creek Family Dentistry, our bridge treatments typically involve two appointments.

Your first appointment will be to reshape the teeth that are supporting the bridge. This is similar to having a crown made. After the teeth are adjusted, an impression is taken. We will cover the teeth with a temporary restoration to prevent sensitivity.

Two weeks later you will return for us to fit the permanent bridge before bonding it permanently into place. Some minor adjustments may be needed.

Caring for Your Bridge

Image showing the gap between natural teeth that anchor the dental bridge in place. We strongly recommend flossing under and around your bridge each day. This prevents bone loss or new decay from forming around the supporting teeth. Most bridges last for several years when properly cared for.

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