Cleanings & Prevention

Dental Cleanings and Preventive Dentistry

young-dental-patient-aware-that-with-regular-preventive-care-his-dentist-can-help-him-avoid-everyday-dental-problems-that-could-result-in-the-need-for-treatment-later-onThe foundation of a healthy smile is built on disease prevention, education and early diagnosis. With regular preventive care, we can help our patients avoid everyday dental complications that could result in the need for treatment later on.

Some of the ways we assist our patients in experiencing healthier teeth are by providing services like:

Comprehensive Exam

We assess all teeth for signs of wear, decay or beginning symptoms of disease. This exam also includes an assessment of the bite, bone levels, gum attachment, TMJ and soft tissues.

Preventive Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings remove tartar buildup that causes gum disease and bad breath. Our dental hygienists finish the cleaning off with a gentle polish to remove surface stains.

Laser Cavity Detection

In the past, tooth decay had to be large enough to be seen on an x-ray or during a clinical exam. Now, laser detection allows us to pinpoint signs of decay that are in their earliest microscopic stages.


Professional fluoride treatments keep both adults and children’s teeth stronger between dental check-ups. This essential treatment helps make your smile resistant to decay and sensitivity.

Digital X-Rays

With digital x-rays, our patients enjoy better communication and understanding of their oral health conditions. By eliminating the need for chemical processing, appointment length is also reduced.

High Definition Intraoral Camera

Our high-definition intraoral cameras provide you with an up-close view of everything we see during your exam. That way you can co-diagnose your care needs right along with the dentist.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early identification of oral cancer is the most important part of cancer therapy. Even if you aren’t at risk for the condition doesn’t mean you are completely in the clear.

Desensitizing Treatments

Hypersensitive teeth can make it difficult for you to enjoy hot or cold beverages and foods. Our desensitizing treatments take just a few seconds to provide complete and fast results.