Dental Crowns

Crowns Save and Restore Broken Teeth

with-a-dental-crown-your-tooth-can-continue-functioning-normally-without-additional-wear-breakage-or-sensitivityFull coverage crowns are one of the last lines of defense your damaged tooth has against everyday use. With a crown, your tooth can continue functioning normally without additional wear, breakage or sensitivity.

Crowns are usually recommended on teeth that are:

  • Treated with a root canal
  • Severely decayed
  • Having a large filling replaced
  • Broken or fractured

Creating Restorations that Last

Battle Creek Family Dentistry offers two types of crowns: porcelain and gold. Each type of material has its own advantages over the other. For instance, gold is useful on back teeth that experience significantly more wear. Porcelain crowns return aesthetics as well as function, making them ideal for anterior teeth. During your treatment consultation, we will discuss which type of crown is recommended for your individual needs.

Do you suspect that your tooth needs a crown? Are you looking for affordable crown treatments in Calhoun County, MI? Call Battle Creek Family Dentistry today.