Emergency Care

Emergency Dental Care in Battle Creek, MI


Dental emergencies never happen when you’re prepared for them, but the good news is that Battle Creek Family Dentistry is always ready!

We have specific times each day that are set aside for emergency dental appointments to better serve our Calhoun County patients. We treat several common dental emergencies, such as:

Avulsed Teeth

A knocked out tooth can be reinserted into the socket if done so quickly. Do not scrub the tooth clean, but gently rinse it under running water. If unable to replace the tooth, keep it in a container of milk. Seek care immediately.

Broken Teeth

If a tooth is broken or chipped, try to locate the broken piece, as it may be possible to bond it back to the tooth. Store the broken portion in a cup of milk or saline and bring it directly into our office.

Abscesses and Facial Swelling

Swelling and abscesses are both signs of an infection. Taking an anti-inflammatory medication can alleviate pain temporarily, as will applying a warm or cool compress to the side of the face. Seek care quickly, as untreated abscesses can in rare circumstances result in the need for hospitalization.


female-with-toothache-relieved-that-battle-creek-family-dentistry-invites-all-patients-new-and-existing-to-contact-them-if-they-have-a-dental-emergencyToothaches are some of the most uncomfortable experiences a person can suffer through. Our first priority is to alleviate your pain and then address the cause of the problem.

Morning and evening emergency appointments are available. We invite all patients, new and existing alike, to contact us if they find themselves experiencing a dental emergency.

Our team is happy to accommodate you as quickly as possible for your dental care and pain relief needs.